If I need packing materials at the last minute, do the movers supply any?
Our movers are fully equipped with all the packing materials needed to pack everything in your household.

How do you know the difference between my furniture and someone else furniture?

When the movers arrives at your pick up location, he will take an Inventory List and place stickers with a Lot # and a sticker color. This will show the difference between your furniture and anyone else’s.

Do you protect any of the furniture?

yes, we provide padding free of charge. our movers will professionally wrapped your furniture so no damages or scratches may occur.

Do you transport cars?

Yes, we transport cars just ask our sales representative and they will be able to assist you with your car.

Do you provide insurance for my furniture while in transit?

We offer a .60 cent valuation per pound per article that is included in your estimate. if you need additional insurance you may purchase it with your homeowner insurance.

If I have more furniture then I expected how would I be charged?

If you have additional furniture you will be charged only by what you have extra that wasn’t in the list of items that you provided our sales representative.

Do you charge by weight or by how many rooms we have?

No, the way we charge is by cubic footage, which is more accurate than by weight. Cubic feet determine the amount of space you will take on our truck. We charge per cubic feet.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, all inclusions and exclusions are clearly listed on proposal

How much notice is required for a move?

Even though we are capable of scheduling last minute moves, it’s suggested to have your moving company chosen and definite or tentative pack/move dates scheduled 4-6 weeks in advance. This allows for advance space reservations assured on interstate trailer.

What is our secret to remaining complaint free?

We remain complaint free with the various bureaus and nationwide movers associations because our movers are experienced, staff is caring and courteous and in the event of damage, we resolve any claim quickly and to our customer’s satisfaction.

What is the best way to pack breakables?

Double wall thick dish pack or “china box” should be used as these boxes are tall and can handle impact from another item. Unprinted newspaper (packing paper) should be used. Lightly crumple a generous amount of paper to create a bedding on the bottom of the box, use a large table to lay out paper, wrap each piece individually, except for plates (on top of each other with paper in between), load plates and heavy items in as bundles standing vertically on edges, create another tier with more crumpled bedding, load lighter items, then light items on top. Use crumpled paper to stuff along sides to prevent shaking or shifting of anything. You should never feel things shaking much or especially not clanking or rattling noises. Seal and mark box and start next one.